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Onboard scale systems allow optimum, safe use of a truck’s payload capacity both for maximizing loads and preventing the liabilities of overloading.
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LoadPro Axle Overload Monitoring System


LoadPro Axle Overload Monitoring System

A Breakthrough in Overload Monitoring

Axle Overload Monitoring System
Optimize Your Payload and Avoid Fines
Overload Protection– Load Optimization - Optimized for LCV
Designed for Light Duty Trucks and Vans
Accuracy within ± 2.5% at 90-110% of legal load
Breakthrough in Weighing Technology
LoadPro is specifically designed for all vehicles with mechanical and/or air spring suspension. SI Onboard has combined features of its patented axle transducer technology and proven 1155 digital indicator to provide a low-cost overload monitoring and payload optimization system. LoadPro is simple to install and offers cost-effective overload monitoring for new and existing vehicles.

Load Your Trucks to the Legal Limits

Benefit from load monitoring, fleet tracking and payload optimization with SI Onboard's new overload protection system. LoadPro is specifically designed for larger capacity vehicles up to 66 tons, with mechanical and/or air spring suspension.

Offering vehicle weight indication as standard for individual axles and vehicle gross, this overload protection system incorporates patented technology. Utilization of state of the art solid state sensors ensures maximum durability in harsh environments and since there are no moving parts it is not susceptible to wear or slipping out of calibration. For continuous monitoring of load conditions, it can also be linked to third party tracking software and is compatible with all options offered.

  • Economically priced system to maximize your loads to the legal limit
  • Accuracy within ± 2.5% at 90-110% of legal load
  • Solid-state sensors deliver stable calibration and high reliability
  • Suitable for all types of suspensions
  • Easy installation on new or existing vehicles, without welding
Features and Benefits
• Accuracy—better than ± 2.5% at 90-110% of legal load
• Simple to operate
• Easy to fit to new and existing vehicles
• No driver input required
• Axle and gross overload monitoring
• 7.5 – 50 ton GVW
• Rugged for harsh environments
• Automatic trailer identification
• Programmable alarms for axle or gross weight overloads
• Balanced load distribution
• Maximize payload capacity and avoid fines
• Reduce vehicle wear and tear and fuel consumption
Box Trucks, Refuse Trucks, Spreader Trucks, Water Trucks
Small Dump Trucks, Hook-Lift Rolloff Trucks
Sand Trucks, F-550-650-750 Series Trucks
Gross overload warnings system
Axle overload warnings
Axle Load Monitoring LoadPro has no moving parts and is not susceptible to wear or slipping out of calibration because of stretched springs, which are common in other axle monitoring systems. Combinations of SI Onboard’s axle transducers and/or air pressure transducers obtain the loading condition of each axle or axle group. Smart junction boxes connect axle groups to the meter, and also monitor and correct for vehicle out-of-level conditions. Calibration can be performed in a matter of minutes, and the scale is now ready to perform.
Other Features and Benefits
Accuracy ± 2.5% at 90-110% of legal load
Simple to operate
No driver input required
Axle overload warnings
Gross overload warnings
Balanced load distribution
Maximise payload capacity
Operating tolerance of vehicle (braking)
Possible reduced fuel consumption
Reduce vehicle wear and tear
Protect your licence
Avoid fines
Avoid overload endorsements
1155 Digital Indicator Specially engineered for on-board use, the 1155 indicator is a versatile display designed to suit a variety of trucks from 7.5 ton to 50 ton GVW. Its mounting flexibility ensures that it is suitable for both DIN radio mount and dash mount. The indicator provides overload monitoring for individual axles and for the complete vehicle. The indicator can connect to the 511 FreeWeigh handheld remote display.
It is easy to install with no welding required.
Note Re-designed meter will update soon.

Notice this item maybe on back-order
Model Description Rigid Truck Est Install Wt. Notice Price
SI-LoadPro-LP-210300 2 Axle rigid truck with steel+steel 6-8 hours 15 lbs This item is non-refundable. Call
SI-LoadPro-LP-210305 3 Axle rigid truck with steel+steel+steel 6-8 hours 20 lbs This item is non-refundable. Call
SI-LoadPro-LP-210310 4 Axle rigid truck with steel+steel+steel+air in any combination 6-8 hours 24 lbs This item is non-refundable. Call
Notice this item set for future roll out to USA market
Model Description Tractor/Trailer Combinations Est Install Wt. Notice Price


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